YH2 completes vacation home “hanging from” remote cliff in Canada

A narrow bridge leads to this holiday home among woodland outside Montreal, which local firm YH2 has designed to be reminiscent of a treehouse.

Called Dans l’Escarpement, the residence is located in Saint-Faustin-du-Lac-Carré – a secluded and densely wooded region known for its landscapes and outdoor activities.

Dans L'escarpement by YH2

YH2 – also known as Yiacouvakis Hamelin Architectes – designed the 3,230 square-foot home (300 square metres) for a steeply sloped site. It describes the residence as “literally hanging from a cliff”.

Dans L'escarpement by YH2

Residents access the home from the driveway via a steel-and-wood walkway that leads to the upper level.  “As one progresses on the light bridge structure, particularly on a misty day, there is a sensation of going towards a tree house floating in mid-air,” said YH2 in a project description.

Dans L'escarpement by YH2

At the top of the home, the master bedroom enjoys the best views of the landscape and a lake below.  Floor-to-ceiling glazing wraps this volume, and provides access to an adjacent terrace.

An open staircase leads to the main living space one level down, where the architects located the kitchen, living and dining room.

Dans L'escarpement by YH2

“The intermediate level is the true heart of this house, with its windowed walls opening up to the surrounding forest,” YH2 said.

Mahogany was chosen for the interiors “recalling the trees just beyond”.

Dans L'escarpement by YH2

The lower level, on the forest floor, was split into two concrete volumes, with a terrace between them. One portion contains a sauna and spa facilities that look out onto the surrounding trees.

From the covered patio separating both areas, a footpath leads to the lake below. This space also includes an exterior hot tub.

Dans L'escarpement by YH2

The opposite volume contains three bedrooms, which share a bathroom. A secondary staircase leads from here to the communal area, avoiding the need to go outside to access it.

Concrete and steel offset the woody materiality of the home, and are paired with other accents like a monochrome patterned tile wall in the sauna area. The studio also clad some portions of the exterior in weathered steel, as well as the fireplace.

Dans L'escarpement by YH2

YH2 has completed several other projects in the Laurentians region. These include a residence with a deep overhanging roof modeled after a bird’s wings and a cedar-clad property made of three volumes joined together.

Photography is by Maxime Brouillet.

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